Experiences Real.

Leverage Cutting Edge Technology To Transform
Analog Interactions Into Digital Ones.

Augmented Reality

Product R&D

Artificial Intelligence

Political Consulting

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Avantari Media Coverage

Naveen launches 'Mo Naveen Mo Ghare' - Orissa Post | Daily Hunt | Indian Express | The Pioneer | Economic Times Delhi Assembly Elections 2020 - NDTV | Outlook | Quint | Firstpost CM Talks - Kannada News18 | Deccan Herald | Zee News | Indian Express | India Today | Daily Hunt Shuttler unveils AR initiative on detection of breast cancer - Medical Dialogues | Bangalore Mirror | Outlook India | Business Standard

Seeing is Believing.

Take a Glimpse at Our Products Library

We developed the viral sensation
that helped our client come back to
Expanding the horizons of healthcare, with Ein – an endeavour to veer those who are infirm, back to the path of healthiness.
Heard of holographic reality? Let us take you one step further. With versatile applications of deep face and text speech synthesis, we foresee its deployment in CRM and Synergizing.
Dhyana is a ring and the world’s first meditation tracker, designed and made in house.

The Avantari Outlook

We have a long history of experiencing the world differently. With technology and design convergence, we can deliver paramount experiences enabling you to view the world from a different angle.

Augmented Reality(AR)

With our understanding of precipice technology Augmented Reality, we are seeking to narrow the gap between digital & analog by deploying this technology for better information dissemination.

Product R&D

Welcome to our innovation lab. From ideation, proof of concept, design to embedded engineering, we can help you at any stage of the product’s lifecycle and drive you to realise your vision.

Political Consulting

We understand how election campaigns can determine the success of political parties. We leverage our expertise in creating a technology roadmap that leads to winning.

Our Capabilities

Industrial Design

(Solidworks, Rhino and 3DS Max )

Electronic Prototyping

(Arudino, Raspberry Pi)

Wireless Communication

(GSM, LoRa, BLE, WiFi, 4G LTE)

Radio Antenna Design

(Vector Network Analyser)

Rapid Prototyping

(Ultimaker 3+, FlashForge)

High Quality Renders


PCB Prototyping

(upto 0.4 mm BGA pitch)

Pre-Certification Testing

(3Ghz Spectrum Analyser)

Embedded system design & architecture

(Cortex M4F, Qualcomm SnapDragon W800)

High Density PCB Design

(Mentor Graphics HyperLink certified)